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Close Tolerance Surface Grinding

Precision Grinding of Intricate Die Components

Surface Grinding
D.S. Precision Tool specializes in surface grinding. More than 85% or our finished piece parts are surface ground completely on all sides. Most parts are generally tool steels, machined, hardened and ground on all surfaces including outside dimensions, steps, slots, radii and angles. Our grinders hold tolerances from .0001″ – .001″. We have 10 surface grinders ranging from 6-12 hand fed to 8×18 fully automatic.

Most piece parts are small intricate parts with angles and radii to very close tolerances. Generally parts are under 1/2″ thick and under 3″ long.

Our specialty is Crimp Tooling: Form Punches and anvils, cutoff blades and tooling.

  • We are able to surface grind flat pieces to desired size from .015″ thick and bigger; max width and length 8×18″.
  • We grind parts square and perpendicular while holding size to your requirements.
  • We grind Steps and Slots holding location and corners.
  • We do a wide range of forms including Radius, Angles, and tangents with very high accuracy.
  • We inspect our forms in a Sheer-Tumico 50:1 optical comparator.

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